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Wine Saver

Wine Saver

The Wine Saver is a vacuum pump, which extracts the air from the opened bottle and re-seals it with a re-usable rubber stopper. Place the re-usable stopper in the bottle and extract the air from the bottle using the Wine Saver pump. A “click” sound tells you when you have reached the optimum vacuum level. The vacuum slows down the oxidation process which makes it possible to enjoy your wine again at a later date. The question "how often do I have to pump?" is a thing of the past. The unique and patented vacuum indicator will emit a "click" sound when the correct vacuum is reached.

  • Vacuum indicator
  • Now with patented "click"
  • Slows down the oxidation process
  • Not for sparkling wines

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Q: Is it harmful in anyway to continue pumping after the first click sound?

A: No, but it isn`t necessary because the first click-sound marks the advised optimal vacuum for your wine and food.

Q: The plunger in the pump has gotten very difficult to move. Is there a lubricant you can recommend that I can re-apply to make it work smoothly again?

A: Apply some food approved lubricant (like vaseline) at the inside of the pump`s barrel to avoid stiffness. Do not clean the pump under running water as the lubricant will then be washed out

Q: For how long a wine can be preserved when stored under vacuum?

A: This depends on type and age of the wine. Several tests have shown a preserved taste for two days up to two weeks.

Q: I would like to preserve my sparkling wine. Can I use the Vacuum Wine Saver?

A: No, it is not possible to store sparkling wines under vacuum. For sparkling wines we have developed another special product: the Champagne Saver.

Q: I have a pump with 'click' function. Can I use this pump in combination with the original Vacuum Wine Stoppers?

A: Yes, but keep in mind that the 'click' function is not as reliable as with the new Vacuum Wine Stoppers. For optimal use we recommend to use the new Vacuum Wine Stoppers.

Q: The bottle seem to lose vacuum over time, what could be the cause of this?

A: It is important to use a clean stopper to ensure an optimal vacuum seal.

Q: What kind of material is the Vacuum Stopper made of.

A: The Vacuum Stopper is made of food approved Thermoplastic Elastomer.

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